Caelin Eager at Piano

My name is Caelin Eager, I am a musician, performer, and teacher offering in-person piano lessons in the Los Angeles area, as well as online lessons nationwide! 

My emphasis is on classical repertoire, with experience in jazz and popular styles - and a special interest in video game music! My passion as a teacher is to guide students in becoming well-rounded as both musicians and human beings. Making music improves concentration, discipline, emotional understanding, communication, logic, reasoning, and many other skills that are useful at any age, in every aspect of life. And also...making music is fun! I love working with technology and games, and have special knowledge in strategies dealing with music performance anxiety.

I completed my Master's degree in Piano Pedagogy and Performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2020. As a music educator, I work with students and musicians of all ages and experience levels. My lessons emphasize healthy piano technique, music literacy, and development of self-expression and music appreciation. 

I am a total believer that anyone and everyone has something they can express and something they can learn from creating music. 

Please look around, and feel free to contact me!

To schedule an in-person, Zoom, or Discord lesson, use my Services Page.




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